Travel Blog: Bahrain GP

We bring you our very own travel blog ahead of each Grand Prix...

Visit Bahrain for its musical culture. Well, visit for the Grand Prix of course, but enjoy the music too. Bahrain’s capital Manama served as the inspiration for the classic tune Mahna Mahna. Yes, the Muppets really did visit the World Trade Center towers and knock off the lyrics on the way home. We also hear that Midnight Oil were inspired by a later trip, somewhere around 2012, to write Beds are Burning, as did Kasabian, who came up with Fire after a camel trek on the outskirts of the city.

A lot of the Bahrain musical activities this week take place at the track. Santana will be playing live on the Friday evening, clearly tapping into the millennial vibe F1 is rocking now. Who doesn’t love a selfie with an ageing rock god? We’ll be putting ours straight on Instagram.

That’s enough of the music though – back to racing and there’s loads to see at the circuit. Take in the 4,500 LED lights illuminating the track, the dhow used for the autograph session and that GIANT FLAG. What Bahrain does, it does big. That flag is so large you can see it from outer space… Or at least outside the circuit. Baku may now have a larger one, but as anyone will tell you, it’s not the size, it’s the placement that’s important.

After a hot day wandering around counting the 400 palm trees lining the circuit (we dare you), you’ll want to cool off in your luxury hotel. If you’re one of the important people, you’ll more than likely enjoy a dip in one of the shimmering blue pools overlooking the Bahraini coastline. If you’re one of the hoi polloi however, you may get to admire a shimmering grey heat haze overlooking a dusty Bahraini car park.

A beach is never far thankfully, and a look at the stunning Manama skyline as the sun set will go a long way to provide the wow-factor.