Travel Blog: British GP

Nearly…there…so…close…now. It’s safe to say Formula 1’s first ever triple-header has taken its toll on the teams, but Great Britain is there ready to give us a big, welcoming ‘you’re home’ hug, as we head to familiar surroundings of our second home race of the season.

Just the 19 miles separates our Enstone base with Silverstone, a couple of stones throw away some would say, and that does carry a handful of perks. Parts and personnel can be easily carted through the Shires between factory and circuit, but more importantly, some of us can drive off at the end of day and enjoy the sweet, sweet comforts of home.

Like the French Grand Prix, we expect this week to be a fun-filled rollercoaster ride with lots to do, people to see, drivers to entertain, tweets to tweet, sponsors to keep happy and fans to please.

Silverstone is the embodiment of motor-racing, and there is a real sense of being at the roots of racing there while acknowledging all the legends that have graced the legendary circuit. Now more than ever, the track is a favourite for drivers and fans alike. For those lucky few behind the wheel, Maggotts, Becketts and Chapel are there to greet them and give them a gleaming - my neck is going to fall off - grin. And it’s even better for those lucky supporters, watching the drivers blitz through these jaw-dropping corner combinations to give them a real buzz. We’re all happy.

Away from Silverstone and down the A43, pass through a few sleepy villages and you’ll find our Enstone base. It’s a quiet place to call home, nestled in the Oxfordshire countryside with lots of red kites, foxes, deer and bunnies. On our doorstep we have the stunning Blenheim Palace and the historic city of Oxford, famed for its beautiful architecture (oft seen in Harry Potter movies) and university; it’s an ideal place to chill if you’re after a tranquil retreat. But who’s after that during the British Grand Prix weekend!?

There’s going to be something different about Silverstone this year, and it has a little something to do with that big shiny thing in the sky. Usually at this time of year, coinciding with the tennis at Wimbledon, the clouds look down, turn grey and unleash lots and lots of rain. Strangely this year is different. It’s sunny, it’s hot, and we have everything that can be crossed, crossed in hope that England’s famous rain clouds stay away.

Racing fans have been dreaming of this day for years, and now it’s here. England baking in 30-degree sunshine with Formula 1 cars on show, Wimbledon on the box and the national football team still in the World Cup (accurate at the time of writing…). This certainly is one to cherish folks. Fire up those BBQs, dust off the cool box, put the umbrellas in the bin and enjoy this moment. We may never see it again.