Travel Blog: Monaco GP

Monaco is ALL about the glitz, glamour and who can fit the biggest yacht into Port Hercule… It’s a mighty sight, and one well worth checking out while in Monaco.

If you do pop down to the harbour, don’t forget the highest SPF you can get your hands on and a huge pair of sunglasses, because with hundreds of squeaky clean, gleaming white yachts it gets very, very bright. And if you can’t see, you’ll run a serious risk of taking a dip in the water!
Walking the Circuit de Monaco is a MUST. Even outside of the Grand Prix weekend, it’s one for the bucket list – try and set your own personal best lap time by foot, it may only be an hour or so off the lap record! Sector one is a proper hill climb and you’ll feel your calves burn by the time you make it to Casino Square. From then on, it’s pretty much downhill, make some engine noises through the tunnel, to the harbour and back across the line.
We highly recommend taking a wander along the circuit in the evening. Head on down to La Rascasse, the famous restaurant-bar on the track. Where else can you party every night on a race circuit?! Followed by seeing a Formula 1 car tear around the exact spot where you were throwing shapes just a few hours earlier… Brilliant!
There are many famous faces living in the Principality. Our very own Nico Hülkenberg resides here and, if you’re lucky (and ask nicely), he’ll make you a cuppa tea at his place!
Another well-known resident is Prince Albert. He kicks back at the Palais du Prince, which dates back to the 13th Century. You can visit the palace, and check if the Prince is at home by observing whether the flag outside is up or not. Up means he’s in and listening to our Spotify playlist, down signals he’s away, but again, probably tuning into our Monaco playlist! Click here for that… you know you want to.
Another swish place to check out is the Casino de Monte Carlo. Channel your inner 007 by rocking up in a full tux and partaking in all the fun and games. And when you’re finished, step back onto the course and try ANOTHER lap.
It’s time for food. While not being renowned for its distinct cuisine, unlike earlier Grands Prix such as China and Spain, Monaco does feature some pretty cool places to hang out and eat. Forget the swanky Buddha Bar, keep the famous Amber Lounge for later, our favourite dining spot has to be the Bella Vita. Situated right next to the start/finish straight, this quirky restaurant will not disappoint, and the pizza is just spectacular. So clean up a La Reine (of course we’d pick the Queen pizza) and you guessed it, go on another lap of the course! And another one. Go on, make the car noises again.