Renault Sport’s spicy sports city car can now be specified with either a manual gearbox or six speed dual-clutch EDC transmission.

Powered by a 110bhp TCe turbo engine, developing 170Nm of torque, precise, comfortable and fun to drive, Twingo GT offers affordable pleasure behind the wheel, in keeping with the tradition of the GTs designed by Renault Sport. Making full use of its rear-engine design, it has been honed for driving enjoyment.

In response to demand expressed by Twingo GT customers, who essentially use their car in built-up areas, the model can now be specified with either a manual gearbox or six-speed EDC transmission. EDC can be used either as a fully automatic transmission or in sequential mode coupled with the gear shift lever. Dual clutch transmission ensures fast, seamless changes for a smooth, efficient driving style. The selection of specific gear ratios for Twingo GT contributes to the delivery of punchy performance.

"It was a real challenge for Renault Sport to work on a rear-engine car since the handling of a rear-wheel drive car is very different from that to which we are accustomed. Twingo GT is a balanced car, fun to drive, especially when fitted with EDC dual-clutch transmission." Patrice Ratti – Managing Director of Renault Sport Cars