Women@RenaultSport: the network is launched!

On Friday, March 8, 2019, the occasion of the International Day of Women’s Rights, Renault Sport Cars launched its Women@RenaultSport network. As part of the Women@Renault dynamic, it aims to work for more diversity and to fight stereotypes.

"At Renault Sport Cars, a business unit in which the majority of the workforce works in engineering, we face a low female representation - one woman for every seven men," says Patrice Ratti, General Manager of Renault Sport Cars. However, we know that diversity is a factor of balance in teams and performance for the entire company. We are pursuing a recruitment policy based on gender diversity. But it is important that within teams, exchanges and actions take place to overcome stereotypes. That’s why we wholeheartedly support the launch of the Women@RenaultSport network."

For the launch of the network, all female employees were invited to participate in a cocktail reception in the presence of Patrice Ratti. Each was encouraged to come accompanied by a male peer. Some 42 employees responded to discover the network and exchange in a friendly environment.

Network registrations are made via a Yammer group, which will be a place for exchange, sharing of information and good practices. A week after the opening, the network already had nearly 25 members ... A good start!

For the first action of the network, a conference was organized on March 15 around the theme "Gender diversity, a factor of well-being and performance in the company". Two speakers from the "1762" cabinet provided answers on questions such as: where is the diversity in the business world, how is it important and beneficial, and how can we work to improve it?
To be continued…