Work / Life: Formula 1 Driver

A day in the life of…
Nico Hülkenberg, Formula 1 Driver

What’s your job responsibility?
My department is made up of two people. We’re responsible for bringing the car home on track, scoring points for the team and developing the car as best we can.

Describe a typical day in your job?
At a race weekend, on a Friday for example, I wake up, go to the track and have some breakfast before the first of the meetings. Then I get ready for FP1, go in the car for an hour or so, followed by a debrief and some lunch. I always have a half an hour power nap after lunch. Then I’m back in the car for FP2, which is followed by another debrief. Some media work will follow and then it’s a drivers’ meeting. I quite like to do some recovery in my room in the hospitality suite, a massage or something, before another meeting. As you can imagine, we have a lot of meetings, which aren’t always the most exciting, but important nevertheless. Then it’s dinner time and the end of the day.

How did you get the job?
It all began in karting when I was 10 years old and I won a couple of championships. Then I went into single-seaters, winning my first championship in my rookie season. After that, I progressed through the junior categories, picking up a few more titles, and then winning GP2 as the final hurdle before Formula 1. In 2010, I was racing with Williams and that’s where the Formula 1 career started. I kept progressing, kept learning and improving, before I joined Renault ahead of the 2017 season. It’s been a very enjoyable journey to date.

What is your most memorable moment so far?
My birth. When the Hulk was born.

What’s the worst part of your job?
I guess doing all the media work.

And the best part of your job?
Making life hard for the media people.

How do you unwind?
Basic stuff like chilling on my bed. A bit of Netflix and chill with room service. Meet up with some friends, basic things like that.

What do you do before going to sleep?
I set the alarm.

If you weren’t doing your job, what would you be doing? Well clearly a James Bond…all the way. I’d definitely make a good undercover agent.